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Company of the good,

If a fool be associated with a wise man even all his life, he will perceive the truth as little as a spoon perceives the taste of soup. -The Buddha

 In many spiritual traditions, a satsang is advocated as one of the essential requirements for spiritual growth. The word “satsang” is composed of two words – “sat” meaning truth (or goodness) and “sangha” meaning a group of people. Satsang thus translates literally to “The company of the good”. This could be company of other people who are on the path or the company of wise men and realized saints/Gurus. The idea is that when we are in the beautiful company of people who are striving to know the truth or have already realized higher truths, it rubs off on us thanks to our association with them.

While it is true that being in good company is likely to enhance our own growth, only being in the company of the wise is not a sufficient condition for our own growth. While living in one of the ashrams in North India, there was a cow that used to be in constant company of Adi Shankaracharya  – a revered philosopher who propounded the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta.  Even though the cow had an opportunity to listen to all of Shankara’s spiritual discourses day after day, the poor cow did not derive any benefit from it. The reason – the cow was constantly meditating on the grass that it was eating and not on the beautiful discourses of Shankara! Thus, a man who just sits in the satsang without attempting to grasp the wisdom being taught is not much better than this cow who got lucky to get the company of one of the wisest men that ever lived. 

 In addition to attending satsangs, we also need a deep thirst for the knowledge in order to be able to grow. We need to have the acumen to grasp the knowledge and make it ours. The teacher is like a matchbox and the student a matchstick. If the matchstick is wet, no amount of striking with the matchbox will produce a fire. On the other hand, if you strike the same matchbox with a matchstick that is potent and dry, it only takes a fraction of a second to produce a fire.  Many times we may question the qualifications of a teacher when we are not progressing, however what may be really necessary is more thirst and  self-effort on our part. We need to be like the potent matchstick that is instantly lit by the company of the good.

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A Time for Earth Angels and Lightworkers

Earth_Angels_realmEarth Angels and other Light Workers, despite their peace loving nature, have a very important job to do that isn’t always an easy one. It takes an extremely strong, disciplined, and highly developed Soul to fill those shoes and without them, mankind would be at a serious disadvantage!

Most Light Workers have a nostalgic memory difficult to put their finger on, a longing to return back somewhere, like an invisible family they’ve not seen in ages. In the back of their minds they may inwardly feel a desire somewhat related to E.T phoning home.

Long ago, many of them were very happy in their realm and were recruited specifically for their ability to handle some of the evolutionary problems of the lower planes. Many of them had reached levels of divinity, light and love that, in a word, retired them to a plane on the Other Side where there exists no real need, intention or desire for those Souls to ever want to seek out and return to the lower realms of chaos. They are those who, under any amount of duress, will follow through to the end and sacrifice doing whatever is necessary for the higher good to save and avert a movement that would be devastating to all.

When there are virtual movements of Tsunami-like waves of motion that could bring these lower realms to the edge; a place that can virtually wipe out eons of progress and alter mass involvement to an extent it virtually ricochets outwards on a universal scale to other realms, they understand and submit to a time where intervention is simply a must and leave their spirit home.

Along their journey and in returning to a plane where they are driven much more in spirit, they may find that the lack of physical or material drive makes them feel almost euphorically optimistic with only a sense of their bigger picture and calling. They may feel only different in some way. Eventually, though, the hour strikes with visions, dreams and other directive forces waking them gradually to sensations and accuracies difficult to ignore.

As each Soul stirs, other Earth Angels and Light Workers begin feeling the emerging in a collective sense. You see others were called and made the pilgrimage as well. Why is it only during these times or uncanny circumstances we tend to find eachother? Because, had we not, the same collective that emerges in waking would have instantly consumed us with a knowing so similar to the home we left, we would have never reached the lands we were meant to in returning to this plane in the first place.

(article by Elleise – Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor MS)

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