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Near-Death Experience

Near-Death Experience.

Child abuse~ I wake up to a bloody nose and sprained wrist.

Most kids wake up to a loving parent, or an alarm clock. I wake up to a bloody nose and sprained wrist.
Most kids eat a healthy breakfast. I eat whatever I can if there is any.
Most kids have a different uniform everyday. I wear the same one.
Most kids have lots of friends. I might have one.
Most kids don’t get bullied day-to-day. I’m lucky to not get bullied three times a day.
When most kids get home their parents say hello and fix dinner. I get shoved against a wall and am unconscious for at least an hour.
When most kids go to bed, they are snuggled warm under covers having wonderful dreams. I am laying on the floor being to not wake up the next morning.
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Taking things for granted ~

As we get older we tend to take more and more things for granted and forget to see the beauty in the simplist of things, if we could stop occasionally to remember how we use to see, think, feel the world as a child and recapture that innocence, wonder, and excitement at exploring the wonderous world then we can learn to appreciate all we have a little more and say thankyou for all the good things that have come our way on our journey so far x

Life is a Rope.

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