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Are Your Emotions Affecting Your Health?

We all have emotions, that is a given.  As our day unfolds, we may experience a  variety of emotions depending upon the people we interact with, the tasks we  undertake, our communing and so on all of which stimulate feelings which in turn  result in emotions.  What about relieving stress?

When driving to work and traffic is heavy,  do you find yourself tense and anxious?  If you get cut off or a driver won’t  let you over when you need to change lanes, do you become enraged?  At work, are  your co-workers chronically complaining about their families or health issues?   All of these situations add stress, anxiety and a general feeling of negativity  to your life.  Not a very pleasant picture.  Do this on a daily basis and it is  no wonder you begin to have aches, pains, stiffness, stomach trouble, etc.  All  related to some form of emotional stress.

Fortunately, there are  alternatives; there is a bright and shiny light at the end of the tunnel.  How  we choose to react to these interactions will make a difference as to the affect  their emotions can have on our body.  We do have the option of taking control of  the emotional roller coaster we are on.  Having the freedom to enjoy a higher  quality of life is our God given right. We just need to know how relieve stress,  anxiety, fear, frustration and a host other negative emotions in our life.

First, let’s take a look at what goes on in our body when we react to  various emotions.  We know that our body is designed to protect us when in  danger and this is a good thing.  This is called the fight  or flight syndrome and during this type of situation our body releases  certain chemicals that causes our body to shut down certain systems and put  other systems into overdrive.  This served us quite well during the cave man  days when threatened by beasts.  It also comes in handy if we are threatened by  a mugger or other such incident.  But it also comes into play when our brain  receives signals from out body through our emotions that relay heightented  states of duress or stress which releases a chemical called cortisol.

During these times of stress, the ongoing release of cortisol stops the healing  process and actually causes damage to the immune system.  So, when you find  yourself fealing anxious or stressed, you have higher levels of cortisol running  amuck in your body which causes degenerative changes.  It supresses your immune  system and over long periods of time can lead to other process such as disease.

Pharmacologist Connie Grauds, R. Ph., states in her book The Energy  Prescription that “An undisciplined mind leaks vital energy in a continuous  stream of thoughts, worries, and skewed perceptions, many of which trigger  disturbing emotions and degenerative chemical processes in the body”.

Our  genes determine our physical characteristics but NOT our psychological  charateristics.  We can exert a tremendous amount of control over our genes  actually changing the quality of our life simply by taking control of our  emotions.  Our genes can be activated through stimulation from our environment –  both the outer environment in which we live, work and play as well as our  internal, biological environment.

The outer environment consists of our  family, business, social networks, foods,  toxins, church, parks, etc.  The inner environment consists of our thoughts and  beliefs, emotions, biochemical, energetic and spiritual components.

Our  thoughts and emotions affect our genes everyday every bit as much as the  environment we live in.  Your beliefs become biology!  The more we focus on a  specific thought or practice a specific action, the higher number of neurons are  required in our brain to transmit the thoughts which means increased pathways  are required to handle the processing of this information.  So our brains can be  reshaped according to our thoughts and thought patterns.

Our thoughts and  emotions turn are genes on and off.  Our brain holds the keys to our own  pharmaceutical division which has a complete array of healing compounds waiting  to be delivered throughout our body – on command.  Our body was perfectly  engineered, created and designed to secrete chemicals specifically to enhance  our immune system.  We have chemicals on board to make us feel happy  (serotonin), chemicals that reduce or eliminate pain (endorphins); all of which  can be released through conscious action on our part.

According to Dr.  Andrew Weil, optimism heals and promotes a longer life.  People who have a  positive attitude toward aging tend to live 7.5 years longer than those  individuals who held negative attitudes toward aging.

Energy techniques  such as EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, are wonderful methods  through which you can take control of your thoughts and emotions and improve the  quality of life you live.  Medical science has known for decades our ability to  actively turn our genes on and off.  We are capable of generating the molecules  needed for healing.  As I stated previously, our brains are already a well  stocked pharmacy, ready to generate and circulate into our body chemicals  similar in nature to many of the drugs prescribed by doctors.

You now  know that you can turn on the stress response through the process of your  thinking which releases cortisol into your body; inhibiting healing and  suppressing your immune system.  You also know that you can turn ON the healing  process and release helpful endorphins, hormones, and chemicals into your body  such as serotonin in the same way.  When we consciously change our thinking  through beliefs, intentions, spiritual practice, meditation, or prayer, we can effect miraculous healing as  a result.  Beliefs do become biology!

Two thirds of doctors now believe  in the power of prayer; seeing it as important as medicine.  They see it as  psychologically beneficial to the patient as they feel God may answer their  prayers.  Miracles abound in the medical community.  The more people learn about  the use of alternative techniques such as EFT, the more miraculous changes will  occur.

By changing your beliefs, intentions, spiritual practice,  prayer, you can change the quality of your life.  Whether you choose meditation,  yoga, EFT, or some other type of energy technique to assist you, knowing that  you can take control over your emotions will make a difference in the quality of  your life.  So, what will it be?  Will you continue living life on an emotional  roller coaster or change course?  Personally, I prefer living in the fantastic  lane of the emotionally free. Sure, I have my days when things can get a little  chaotic but I also have the ability to turn my emotions around and change the  way my body is affected.  You can too, if you want to.

Health and Negativity ~ How Negative Emotions Can Harm Your Health

Health and Negativity ~ How Negative Emotions Can Harm Your Health.

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The Powers of a Positive Mental Attitude.

Jealousy~anger~Beating The Old Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy can ruin your friendships, work relationships, and even your most  intimate relationships. Jealousy often stems from insecurity and low self  esteem. If you find yourself becoming jealous in many of your relationships, you  might want to seek professional help to find out the root of the problem.

 Jealousy  is a road of  feeling betrayed ,full  of anger and having a need for revenge that will get you nowhere  fast …”self torture”

Women are more likely to have issues with jealousy than men, but both sexes  are known to suffer from it. For women, the feelings of jealousy are often a  reflection of how they see themselves compared to other women. If you think  another woman is prettier, sexier, and can talk to men easier, you may become  jealous of what she has to offer.

The first step in overcoming jealousy is becoming aware of it. Write down  what triggers your times of jealousy. Take a look at that list. Look for a  common theme of situations and individuals who are on your list. It can be  difficult, boy you are going to have to ask yourself some difficult questions  about why you feel jealous. Avoiding feelings of jealousy allows the fire to  continue while dealing with them puts the fire out.

Seeking the help of a counselor is a great way to help you work through your  jealousy. They will help you identify the underlying factors as well as provide  you with assignments to make behavioral changes to help you resolve those  factors. You will need to improve your relationship with yourself before you are  able to improve your relationship with others.

Perception plays a large role in jealous. For example you may be jealous that  your best friend has found a new friend she spends a lot of time with. You can  perceive this as your friend not wanting to be with you as much and think  terrible things about the other person. In reality, your friend is just opening  her circle wider. You can initiate the idea of the three of you doing something  together. You may discover this other person to be a great person, and thus  forge a new friendship that involves the three of you.

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished “by “your anger.”- Buddha

Overcoming jealousy isn’t always easy. It involves addressing the issue head  on. Be honest with yourself and with those around you rather than pretending the  feelings don’t exist. Jealousy can leave you drained and angry. It takes a lot  more energy to deal with jealousy than it does to let it continue to rage out of  control.

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Human leech problem…Is the process becoming one-sided?

“The Human Leech is whiny”. It thrives on pity and sympathy. The Leech will do anything to gain the sympathy of those in its surroundings, and hurt those that are not, even if it has to make itself look sad and pathetic. The leech is persistent they will wear you down It’s  just the way they are unfortunatley  for this lifetime and probably Meany more  depending on what mind set they are at now!

” GET RID OF THEM!!! You can’t help people that don’t want to be helped”

Human leeches are those people who continually want more from us no matter how much we give them. Yet they refuse to reciprocate our efforts in any appropriate or meaningful ways.

Leeching possibilities are diverse and endless. It could be a grown daughter constantly asks us to baby-sit  or to continue to provide for them as you did when children and is incensed when we decline. A neighbour routinely needs us to perform favours or lend him tools, or even expect you to abide by their rules of living yet never offers to feed our cat when we’re away. A co-worker is always happy to join us for happy hour, but disappears when it’s his turn to pick up the tab, in some cases they may offer to be nice to you in some way lend you something and expect a dedicated relationship for there good deed or expect an awful lot form it this is not in there good will its to trap you.

Whatever the circumstances, the result is always the same. Energy in the relationship travels one way. Recipients of leeching feel resentful. They feel they’re being taken for a ride. They long to stop the drain on their time, emotions and finances. Yet they’re frequently at a loss about how to stanch the flow.

Leeching creates a subtle stress that’s often unrecognized until it’s out of control. Many report feeling guilty saying “no” to the leeches’ demands. They dread hurting the chronic takers’ feelings. They worry about damaging the relationship. In truth, leeches don’t respect us anyway not in any way. Our relationships are contorted at best. They only want what we can give them. When the supply runs low, they happily move on to someone else.

Most of us are happy to help others. We’re eager to chip in wherever we can. We have no problem hosting the softball pasta feed on our patio or buying groceries for an ill friend. But if that giving goes on for an extended period of time or if our efforts are underappreciated, hostility starts to creep in. The process becomes one-sided. We know we’re being used.

Of course, sometimes the involved parties aren’t on an equal footing. They can’t give back as much as they get. A frail mother who has broken her hip is going to require on-going attention from her middle-aged offspring. She can’t possibly reciprocate their behaviour.

In those situations, it’s necessary for the adult children to care for the parent, making sure that she is safe and adequately cared for. Hopefully their own children will follow in their footsteps and be kind and attentive as their folks age. It’s important to remember that leeches can’t suck us dry unless we let them. Yes, leeches have poor boundaries. They don’t understand proper protocol. They see no problem continually asking for favours as long as others are willing to comply.

But they must have willing targets who cave in to their insatiable needs. They’re adept at scanning the emotional waters to learn who is willing to give them what they want. Then, once they’ve located a potential host spot, they attach their suckers and refuse to let go.

 Tips for losing human leeches

Want to rid your life of leeches once and for all? Try these techniques:

Recognize leeching behavior. Does someone always make demands on your money or time? Are they unappreciative about what you do? Do you feel resentful about what they’re asking? Do you have trouble setting limits on your relationship? Then you’re involved with a human leech. Do something about it now!

• Avoid overgiving. Leeches prey on people who make giving a way of life. Yes, charity is honorable. But don’t chronically overextend. Give only what you comfortably can. Save ample emotional and physical resources for yourself.

• Decide on your personal boundaries. Leeches want you to feel pressured so you’ll say “yes” to their every demand. Instead, back away. Say, “I’ll let you know tomorrow.” Next, go home and analyze what you really want to do. Remember, you’re in charge.

• Practice the 2+1+1 rule. Have trouble setting limits with others? Use this sure-fire ploy: When asked to do something you don’t want to do, say two positive statements (i.e. “Thanks for thinking of me. You know I’d love to help.”), followed by your limit (“But I’m not able to volunteer at this time.”) and one more positive statement (“Hope the event goes well.”).

• Quiet guilt. You fret that your “no” will damage the relationship. Calm your fears. You’re doing the right thing, protecting your boundaries while teaching your leech an invaluable lesson.

• Don’t cave in to leeches’ ranting. Human leeches are accustomed to having their way. If they put up a fuss, feel free to ignore them. They’ll eventually stop whining and move on to someone else they can suck dry.

 Leeches ~Are ruled by the green eye monster within them.

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