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It is not wise,

“It is not wise to imprison melancholy inside your heart and guard it with a broken smile“.


Have you ever felt so weighed down by the stress of the multiple happenings in your life that you just want to lay down, stop going and give up? Sure you have, as many of the rest of us have, but it is imperative that you carry on. Remember that you aren’t the only person in the world with stress, we all have, our problems, and many times you aren’t going through anything that someone else hasn’t gone through and overcome.

To reduce your stress, try handling one matter of business at a time until you successfully remove each obstacle out of your way. Doing so will help you clear your head immensely and will help reduce stress accordingly after each task is completed. Another key to preventing this weighed down feeling in the first place is to always stay prepared, and to only do what you yourself know that you are able to do. It is okay to push yourself, but it is imperative that we know our limits. Finally, always remember that stress and difficulties are a natural part of life, we must do what we can but we must always remember that there are bad times and there are good times. Just because what you are experiencing at the time isn’t what you may like experiencing doesn’t mean that things will not get better life is what we make it.

 ‎just remember this “Happy am I, healthy am I, holy am I.” Let these words sink into your mind and heart. In order to be in control of your life, focus on ideas and words that are hopeful, making you feel confident and assured of your self-worth. Blessings! … Says ~James Van Praagh

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