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Why do people believe what they want to believe not what they should or must believe is a question some people ask.

Well I will begin with this…!

You cannot make people believe what they do not want to believe
You cannot make people feel what they do not want to feel
You cannot make people see what they do not want to see
You cannot make people hear what they do not want to hear
You cannot make people do what they do not want to do
All of these things they must do for themselves…..


Billions of people fail to live the life they have always wished to live. They fail to realize their ambitions and give up on their big dreams as soon as they encounter the first obstacle. One of the strongest reasons for this attitude is that these people do not believe in themselves and let their fears rule them.

Believing in yourself is being sure that you are going to do whatever you put your mind to, even if others are against you. Usually, when you decide to take a big challenge or do something that they failed to do, you will find that everyone is putting you down. Under the pressure of this criticism some of us start to doubt our own abilities and eventually give up. The few that manage to believe in themselves and continue down the path they’ve chosen will be the ones that bask in the glory of success.

 Final Words

If you don’t believe in yourself you will end up discarding your ideas and no one will remember you. On the other hand, if you believe in yourself and continue fighting for what you want, people may reject your ideas or even you  in the beginning, but will be forced to believe in you in the end after seeing you succeed…….

☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆ Love, luck and peace to you all ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆Joanne ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ .

 Written by Joanne Wellington for Mediums World                                            

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