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The child you once were still lives.

Allow and express your inner child … Love your  inner child like you would love a child you created. You would protect and fight to the death for your own child and this inner you, is your child. Give birth to yourself. Let your child come out and play now and again. It is o.k. to play with toys, colour, run bare foot around the garden, play on the park, jump up and down, lick your partners face, shove an hair up the nose of the person that’s sitting next to you, Let your self be very silly and carefree. If you can do all this, you are so on your way to taking the power out of those that wont let you be , gaining control over the child within you again Its really good for your soul., not allowing any person to make you unhappy or sad, or have any power over your feelings . AS OF NOW YOU ARE NO LONGER A VICTIM , YOU ARE A VERY PROUD SURVIVOR!!! LET  YOUR INNER child out try it now.

Every breath you take, every thought you think.

We are all simply the expansion of every moment collected within our being. When you embrace times of pleasure your expansion builds to that of joy and excitement for life. In contrast, the opposite is also true. You are never outside of this principle. it continues, we are for ever  expanding.

Realizing how powerful this truth is may help you determine how you choose to spend your moments. The most significant time in your life is inside this particular moment, right here, right now. It is this moment that can direct your future. As you consider this moment, recognize how you feel, really experience the vastness and depth of every sensation.

Every time you experience a painful moment you have a choice. You can remain in the pain, become the pain of your circumstance, and that too will expand. Or, you can catapult your life to a greater existence, utilizing your moments to envision your future instead of giving them away to your past, and prolonging your hurt. Knowing how you’re residing inside your moments is your biggest step in awareness. When you recognize your desires to be more significant than your past pain, you’ll be positioned to embrace your moments with passion for a better future.

They say, “Don’t live in the past.” However, there is nothing wrong with living in the past, as long as it’s supporting your present. If living in the past offers positive, healthy, productive and supportive moments for you, then by all means continue choosing that.

There is no one on this planet more significant than you! Your moments are just as powerful and significant as anyone’s. The focus given to your moments becomes the building blocks for your future. Seize the day! Recognize your power! Inside every moment give attention to your desires. There is no greater task in life than designing your future inside the moment.

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